The journey towards a better relationship with food: Erica's story

December 17, 2021

Erica's Story

It's always rewarding to hear the stories of Holly users and how the service has contributed towards their wellbeing.

This is the story of Erica, who was looking for extra support in her path towards recovering from an eating disorder, and also wanted to improve her overall mental wellbeing.

Erica was tired of restrictive and rigid approaches (mostly calorie counting and tracking apps) that didn't take into consideration people's psychology, and perpetuated harmful ideas commonly spread by the diet industry. That's why she went on a mission to find a tool that challenged those ideas, and that provided trustworthy information and empathic guidance through her journey.

And that's how Erica found Holly Health!

Because no one could tell Erica's story better than her, this is what she told us after 3 months of using the service:

Holly team member: Which area or areas of your health do you think Holly is helping you with the most?

Erica: The area I feel that it has helped with the most is my relationship with food. When I found Holly Health I was recovering from disordered eating and had recently discovered intuitive eating. I was so excited when I found out that Holly's approach to relationships with food was also focused around the same ideas, and it was really refreshing that it wasn't going to be another calorie counting promoting app.

The blogs around food relationships have been really helpful to put my food relationships into perspective and if I ever doubted my journey then I could just go back and revisit them.

In the beginning, I relied heavily on the app to check in at meal times, but more recently have found that my new habits have just started to be more instilled. I haven't felt the need to restrict, have started making food choices based on what I feel my body needs, and haven't had one of my awful weekend food binges in months after restricting all week long. With this in mind, I've been able to focus on other goals. Even the blog on goal setting was really insightful because all my goals in the past had been around weight loss/food restrictions so I felt that the advice in the blog helped me to decide what my next goals should be, and how best to approach them.

Holly team member: Is there something that Holly has helped you think differently about?

Erica: The approach to goal setting that Holly takes has been a real game changer. In the past I would make a huge list of weekly goals and aim to tackle them all at the same time: 'no chocolate, no fizzy drinks, lose 3lb, less social media' and it really became overwhelming and I failed every time to build a lasting habit. With the app and advice in the blog, I've been able to see the benefit of building a habit through small incremental changes with better sustainability and longer impact.

Holly team member: If you had to describe what Holly is to a friend, what would you tell them?

Erica: I've seen people describe Holly as just a habit tracker, but it's so much more than that. It takes a more scientific approach than other apps that just require you to tick a box to say you've completed your habit. Whilst creating a habit, you also learn the how and why which make it more meaningful. Holly is also there to keep you going with reminders, check ins and the blog. The fact that the team behind Holly are highly qualified women, fills me with the confidence I need to trust them on my journey.

Here's a visual representation of Erica's journey:

Like Erica, you can also begin your journey towards feeling better physically and mentally. If Erica's story and challenges resonate with you, we'd love to support you. If you drop us an email to [email protected], telling us a couple of sentences on why you'd like Holly Health to support you, we'll gift you an extended free trial 🎉(only available to brand new users).

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