Holly Health Habit Coach

Deliver personalised habit coaching support to thousands of people affordably, Holly Health Habit Coach is already available to 1.8 million people in the UK, via NHS Primary Care. Book a Demo/Ask a question.
Alleviate staff pressures & reduce overall appointments
Enable better self-management: Patients learn to manage more elements of their health through daily behaviours and mindset change
Explore rich data insights into population health, engagement, health outcomes
Supercharge local projects, such as: Blood pressure at home, hypertension case finding, reducing inequalities
Support thousands of patients overnight, from just £0.24 per person per year in the covered population
Live Example

East and South Ayrshire NHS Health and Social Care Partnership, deployed Holly Health across primary care, spanning over 300,000 members of the public, on track to provide personalised support to over 5000 local patients per year. Health outcomes include 18% average improvement in mood, 15% average increase to exercise. Holly Health has also supported over 100 local staff members with wellbeing.

Live Example

Holly Health Co-morbiities service is being deployed in a Randomised Controlled Trial to patients with hypertension & anxiety/depression. Study partner, Northumbria Primary Care, and Holly health will measure impact on behavioural outcomes, mental health, hypertension, GP appointments and more.

Holly Health Co-morbidities

A chronic condition tool, supporting health tracking, condition prevention and patient monitoring, in primary and secondary care settings. Book a Demo/Ask a question.
Daily 'always-on' support across mental and physical health
Personalised to conditions and health needs including: hypertension, depression, anxiety, diabetes, arthritis, low mobility, menopause, chronic pain, multi-morbidity
Rich data insights for clinical teams to review across patient behavioural health, habits, condition markers
Increase engagement and outcomes in rehab (e.g. cardiac rehab) and condition support services
Tailor to the needs of minority groups, through increased accessibility and user-centric design

Holly Health Employee Wellbeing

Staff burnout is higher than ever. Impactful, personalised, data driven wellbeing solutions are needed, to help measure and improve employee wellbeing, and increase staff retention. Book a Demo/Ask a question.
Measure burnout levels through the Holly Health Burnout check-in
Support thousands of employees with tailored, 'always-on' mental and physical health coaching and Wellbeing Checks
Easily assess impact across take-up, burnout, behaviours, qualitative and quantitative feedback
Shift the culture, to protect your team members and retention over the long term
Reduce musculoskeletal health challenges and sickness through tailored habit change coaching
Enable leadership teams with the information they need to improve services and support available
Live Example

Holly Health, in partnership with Modality Partnership (UK 'Super-PCN' providing NHS primary care), is supporting up to 2000 members of healthcare staff with burnout screening, Wellbeing Checks, habit coaching, and staff wellbeing signposting. Aggregated data insights will help to measure changes over time.

Holly Coach AI

Combining Psychology with Technology

The Psychology

Acceptance and commitment therapy
Behavioural Economics

The Technology

Proprietary chatbot
Smart nudging
Machine learning soon
Running on iOS, Android, Web and SMS

Holistic support for both
physical & mental health

Mental Wellbeing

Small Habits Approach

The small habits approach involves making small but consistent changes to our daily behaviours.

Holly Health supports individuals to prioritise, achieve, and sustain new healthy habits across a range of health and lifestyle areas, covering nutrition, relationship with food, sleep, mental wellbeing and movement


Step 1
4 Weeks
Mindset change (short
term to long term focus)
Step 2
8 Weeks
Automatic habits (which you
stop having to think about)
Step 3
12 Weeks and beyond
Sustainable behaviours (there’s no
end to the progress beyond here)