Holly Health for Wellbeing Providers

Holly Health is a personalised behaviour change platform, supporting your clients or members to self-manage physical and mental health habit changes, with the goal of improving long-term health outcomes. All while increasing engagement and service loyalty.
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Outcomes and return on investment

average increase to EXERCISE & ONS4 Wellbeing Score, in lower baseline users*

Improve patient physical and mental health for a tiny cost, with significant long term modelled impact on healthcare costs, reduced disease burden, and reduced strain on healthcare services
users report new, ‘AUTOMATIC’ HABITS*

Help people to change their life for the better and increase self management abilities. This enables people to take proactive actions to prevent burnout, reduce stress, and minimise physical decline
average HAPPINESS INCREASE in lower baseline users*

Mental wellbeing has a huge impact on physical health, energy, productivity, and sustainability of your working role. Help your clients/members to achieve this impressive average happiness increase
*after 8+ weeks service use
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Features Spotlight

Aggregated data insights
Gain rich data insights into your clients and members, supporting service improvement and end user retention
Service triaging
Use Holly Health to identify who needs what right now, and signpost them seamlessly around your service solutions
Co-branded experience
Retain your branding alongside Holly Health, for a seamless user experience
Annual licence costs

Transparent Pricing

Up to 15k people reach
Up to 100k people reach
100k+ people reach
Per person per year (charged based on full population reach)
NB: Service access and data sharing included, additional charges may apply for further personalization

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