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What does it do?

The Holly Health habit coaching app will support you to start and keep up with achievable daily health habits. It supports a variety of goals, including weight management, stress reduction, increasing self confidence and sleeping better 💤. It can help you to rebuild a better relationship with food 🥘, to increase daily exercise and movement, and to help you take small moments to de-stress when you need to 😌The little actions you take each day can make the biggest difference to how you feel!

How will it support me?

In the app, the Holly bird will learn about you and your goals through a quick onboarding questionnaire (taking 5 mins).Then, Holly will support you with:

  • Habit setup (easy, rewarding, daily habits)
  • Habit reminders
  • Motivational messages and encouragement
  • Tailored videos and articles
  • Ongoing coaching to keep improving and learning

How do I get started?

We're providing 6 months of Holly Health access to local patients for free (worth £39 per person). Would you like the Holly bird to support you? Sign up with your name and email below, download the Holly Health app and login...easy peasy!

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Holly Health is a private organisation and is not assessed or endorsed directly by the NHS. Assessment and accreditation has been awarded by ORCHA (the organisation for the review of care and health apps). Service use is at your own discretion

Start feeling better physically & mentally, and find joy through the ups and downs of life with Holly Health

What is Holly Health?

The personalised coaching app that helps you with your daily, weekly and monthly goals. The Holly Bird helps you to identify, achieve and keep up with healthy changes to your habits and mindset with a science-backed approach.

What will Holly Health do?

We developed Holly to help you to rebuild your relationship with food and your body, for long term health and happiness. The goal is to find joy in everyday life while taking care of your mental health and physical wellbeing.

What are the offer details?

Holly is excited to support you to achieve health results in the Holly Health app over the next 6 months, at no cost. Simply create your account further up the page to join thousands who are already feeling the difference!

Sneak Peek

What Holly Health users say

'Holly Health is a service for anyone who's feeling a bit out of control or they don't have any time to themselves, they're always playing catch up. Small habits that build routines give a sense of being more grounded and in touch with ourselves, less pulled along by outside forces - chores, family commitments etc. If you have a framework of stability around your own routines you can prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed'

'I have found the approach to health and well-being promoted by the Holly Health app to be wonderfully and refreshingly balanced. After years of being bogged down in guilt and feelings of self-doubt every time I gained a single pound (and elation every time I lost it again), this considered and sustainable approach to living and eating happily is exactly what I needed'

'I love this app! It's really helping me shift my habits and it's been easier than I thought. As the habits are driven by my goals, I find the notifications timely, helpful and have really helped me to shift my perspective and mental focus'

The science behind Holly Health

Mindfulness-based approaches

Mindfulness involves paying full attention to the present moment. Hundreds of studies have found that practicing mindfulness can be beneficial for different aspects of health: from stress and depression, to emotional eating and sleep.

Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)

This evidence-based therapeutic approach stems from the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). It involves noticing your thoughts and behaviours, and aligning your actions with what's most important to you.

Adaptive and personalised ongoing coaching

The path towards health and wellbeing will always have ups and downs, and it will never look the same for two people. This is why Holly provides you with unique recommendations based on your personal journey, and adapts to you as you grow.