Partner Overview

We’d love to partner with you to provide Holly Health to your patients, employees or population group

Licensing Model

Use Holly Health and share with your audience

Strategic Partnerships / Affiliate Model

Promote Holly Health to your relevant lists (and get paid when you do!)

Whitelabelling our services

Use Holly Health technology with your company’s branding

User journey co-design

Customize Holly Health to your specific needs

Co-writing bid proposals

Super-charge your procurement with an offering that’s:

Complementary to your human services

Conduct research with us

We love research collaborations with clinicians and universities. Let us know what you have in mind

Industry partners

Complementing existing services and patient pathways

Health + Wellbeing Coaches
Mental Health Clinicians
Tier 2 Weight Management
Dietitians / Nutritionists
Employers and HR
Personal Trainers