Happy New Habits

January 5, 2023

 ‘New Year, New Me’ 🤔

This is a phrase you might be hearing at this time of year. As we close out the festive season, our collective mind looks forward with renewed optimism and motivation at what we can achieve in 2023.

January is thus a natural time to seek to change our health habits - be it doing more exercise, drinking less alcohol, finally joining that local yoga studio or anything else.

However, the journey of behaviour change should be approached with care.

Lots of people will set unrealistic goals, try to do much too fast, and consequently fail to sustain the habits they initially enact, if they do at all. This not only leads to failing to meet our new targets but can actually cause a regression in the health levels from the initial starting point, due to a loss of confidence and feeling of hopelessness in our ability to change.


Introducing Holly Health

Holly Health is purpose-built to help to change health behaviours.

Our fully automated yet personalised health coaching platform helps you to identify, motivate and sustain healthier habits, all based on the ‘small habits approach’. No more drastic overhauls, just small, incremental and sustainable health changes, which have been proven to be more achievable and effective.

We’re seeing great data, based on over 20,000 users so far:

  • Amazing health outcomes: 80% feel closer to health goals*, 86% see new ‘automatic’ habits**
  • Reduce NHS strain: 33% of users report they need less GP support**
  • Popular: We average 6% uptake from a single batch SMS shared by a GP Clinic, leading to hundreds of patients getting support straight away

*after 4 weeks

**after 8 weeks


Holly For Clinicians 

We’re already contracted with 80+ GP practices and are extending our 6-months free trial offer.

It’s super simple to get setup and reach mass adoption - read more and sign-up here.

Holly For Individuals

You can learn more and download Holly Health here.

Or if you’re a member of the public, why not let us know your local GP Practice name and we’ll see if we can get FREE Holly Health access arranged for you! Just email [email protected] to let us know.